cyber monday + coal in your stocking.

Around 107 million people will shop online today. On this Cyber Monday, I am super excited to feature a creative and innovative way to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. All it takes is us + $20 + a computer. 🙂 One of the most awesome people I know, Natalie, recently shared about the […]


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BT dubs, I gotta leave for my ironic kickball league in about ten. Also, I’m not interested in this position unless I’m going to be constantly praised. And I won’t cut my hair. a 20-something guy on ‘30 Rock’ representing what is ‘wrong’ with our generation, according to Jack. I’m not going to say that […]

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I was all dressed in green with suspenders and you were in red with suspenders. And basically we were living out the levels of Super Mario as Luigi and Mario. We got to the final level and were about to fight Bowser. But you know how Wario is dressed all in yellow? Mom came in […]

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good news + gloomy people.

Recently, I was able to share some really awesome and amazing big news to people whom I had good reason to believe would be excited—or at least not unhappy—about said news. Of course, I didn’t expect people to start crying tears of happiness and jumping for joy. But cryptic warnings of everything that can go […]

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thoughts on princess hair.

A friend recently recounted her experience at a salon. The story, which is copied from an e-mail, is too sweet not to share. 🙂 The mom was a Nordic redhead, and the daughter was totally adorable, clearly “biracial,” and about 8 years old. Mom is getting married tomorrow, and the hair stylist was working to […]

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