good news + gloomy people.

Recently, I was able to share some really awesome and amazing big news to people whom I had good reason to believe would be excited—or at least not unhappy—about said news.

Of course, I didn’t expect people to start crying tears of happiness and jumping for joy. But cryptic warnings of everything that can go wrong, snarky quips, rude unsolicited advice and blank stares can really burst a girl’s bubble.

I have a friend who recently got engaged, and people whom he had considered to be supportive and encouraging quipped things like, “Yeah, marriage is nice, until you get a divorce…” and “Oh, congrats. Marriage is really difficult…” and “More than 50 percent of people get divorced…” and on and on.

Cue the *wompwomp* from the Debbie Downer SNL skit.

I had to speak with a lot of Debbie Downers this weekend, and surprise, surprise, I’m feeling a little down. I guess the Debbie Downers of the world aren’t that bad when you expect it. But when the folks who you think are ‘on your side’ are suddenly playing the role of Negative Nancy, the gloominess is contagious. The fear and the ‘what-ifs’ start to seize your thoughts and excitement begins to wane. The bright and cheery news starts to darken, and you’re left with less peace and happiness and more worry and heartache.

The next time someone confides in me a bit of good news, I’m going give them a giant hug and tell him or her how genuinely happy I am about it. No *wompwomp* included.

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