thoughts on princess hair.

A friend recently recounted her experience at a salon. The story, which is copied from an e-mail, is too sweet not to share. 🙂

The mom was a Nordic redhead, and the daughter was totally adorable, clearly “biracial,” and about 8 years old. Mom is getting married tomorrow, and the hair stylist was working to make young Emma look like the princess she is. I listened while they all came to an agreement about where to part her hair, how to style it, and which barrettes to use.
The result? Oh, I wish I had a picture, because she looked so darling! I asked for mom’s and daughter’s permission and peeked at last to see sweet braids framing her face like a tiara, and a fluffy, bouncy gathered ‘fro in the back.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and turned totally bubbly. She has great hair and looks like a princess, and I told her so. Then, I grinned at her mom, and was reminded of how important these things are to little girls, and the image issues we all have, because mom looked almost tearful and mouthed a warm “thank you.
Soooooooooo pretty! Little Emma practically floated out the door on a magic carpet of confidence & beauty that echoed her spirit. God forbid she should find her full identity in things like this, but all the same, she’s precious in God’s sight, body and soul.

[Note: The photo is just from a quick search via Google images. Taken from this blog.]

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