things to come.

Familiar with the phrase, “hurry up and wait?” There’s a lot of that when you are adopting. I’m living the “hurry up” part right now. Which means blogging time has decreased, but awesome real-life stuff has increased.

Basically, this is a preview post in which I tell you about all of the cool things I’m going to blog about.

Drum roll, please:

  • The Giraffe, and Other Things That Made Me Cry: A story of unexpected gifts in unexpected places.
  • Scaves + Stuff: How knits and purls are bringing our baby home.
  • Pretty Paper: Check out the fun banner I made for my kitchen, back when I was in the “wait” stage.
  • Dog Meets Snow: Enjoy cute pictures of a cute dog. In the snow.
  • The Handyman Husband: The story behind the best-ever birthday present. With pictures!
  • Meet Oliver: If you like monsters and scary things, you will not like this post. If you like babies and cute things, you will like this post.

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