When I think about the racial make-up of my own family, I am reminded that it is an affirmation that the gospel is true, not because racial distinctives can or should disappear, but because they can be embraced and celebrated at the same table when we remember that we are one family—the family of God. […]

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Nothing could make my husband happier than being able to grow beard. So, in honor of the Mr., a post on beards. How awesome is this beanie/beard combo? Buy one. Beard me. This fine piece of art is titled, “Weirdy Beardy Named Damon.” Not much else to say. He kind of looks like the Monopoly […]

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pom poms.

I’m kind of in love these. They’d look adorable in a nursery, no? Tutorial here. I’m putting these poms on my list of future projects. Hopefully they’ll turn out better than my recent attempts at crocheting flowers. (Eeek!)

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