a request from a soon-to-be dad.

Soon, my wife and I will be leaving for Nigeria. Soon, we will be meeting our son for the first time. Soon, we’ll understand what it means to be a mommy and a daddy, and not just Kayla and Jonny. It’s all pretty surreal right now, I can’t even really imagine it. To think that I get to experience this gift… I feel unworthy. I have a son. His name is Joseph. And I’m going to meet him soon.

It’s overwhelming to think about. And without getting into a whole speech about adoption, I will say that this will be different than taking my wife to a midwife and holding her hand while she gives birth. It won’t be better, it won’t be worse, it will be different. A different situation that I believe needs a different set of prayers. So this is me selfishly asking for you to pray for us. Pray for me, pray for Kayla, and pray for Joseph. Please join me in praying that Kayla and I will have safe travels to our son and that when we meet him he is as happy and healthy as he appears in all of his pictures. Please pray that in the short time we’ll have with him we can create a bond that will make his eventual transition to the United States easier. Please pray for us to get the most out of every moment and also that we will have strength to leave when that time comes. Pray for safety, pray for joy, and mostly just pray for Joseph.

God has given humanity the beautiful gift of family. Soon, we are going to meet the son that God intended for our family before Kayla and I ever even considered it. I’m pumped, and I hope you’ll consider praying for us as we go.

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