Adoption: Movement or Trend?

This post is pulled from Megan Hyatt Miller’s blog. You can see it in it’s original state here. I particularly like her 4th and 5th points. While talking with a friend about our adoption recently, she made a comment that adoption just seemed so trendy—all these upper-middle class families running around with their brown babies […]

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With us it rests, either to receive it and be partners in the crime, or to exonerate ourselves from guilt, by spurning from us the temptation. For let us not think, that the crime rests alone with those who conduct the traffic, or the Legislature bywhich it is protected. If we purchase the commodity, we […]

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one thrifty mama.

I appreciate a good deal, and I sure do have some exciting baby bargains to share. Annnd I just lost any male followers. Oh, well. Carry on. 1. Graco Classic Wood High Chair. Amazon: $139.99 Craigslist: $50 Why I love it: I really like wooden high chairs. The price tag? Not so much. This one […]

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loving your kids from here

LOVING YOUR KIDS FROM HERE By jamieivey on February 28, 2011 (I pulled this from her blog.) This morning during church I began to pray for two of my friends who are in this adoption process.  God brought their families to my heart and I think it’s because they are both about to experience one […]

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five happy things.

So, question: Have you ever gone through some rough stuff? Like punches in the stomach type of stuff that make you crawl under the covers, leaving your pillow streaked with mascara? Yeah, me neither… Regardless of circumstances, today I woke up determined to find at least one happy thing. And I thought of five. Victory! […]

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