“This God whom we serve will not quit, will not rest, will not relent until sin has finally been defeated and we are living in peace, righteousness, and justice forever. The ultimate completion of this must await the Lord’s return, but in the meantime there is real work being done and real progress being made, as every life and every situation in creation is moving in the directions of Christ’s final victory. God is committed to producing in every one of his children on earth greater peace, greater love, greater justice, greater deliverance from temptation, and greater freedom from sin. I’ll say it again: he will not rest until every microbe of sin has been eradicated from every cell of the hearts of every one of his children. Revelation 21:5 captures God’s zeal with these words, “Behold, I am making all things new.”

God cannot and will not be satisfied with his works of redemption as long as the physical world suffers the effects of sin. God will not rest as long as government is corrupt and unjust. He will not rest while families are still shattered and people made in his image are broken by sin. He will not rest as long as poverty and disease exist. He will not rest as long as falsehood competes with truth for the hearts of people. He will not rest as long as there is an enemy who seduces people with plausible lies. He will not rest until everything is exactly as it was meant to be when he set his powerful hands to create it. God never stops working in opposition to sin and the effects of the Fall, and his working is always effective.

If God is dissatisfied, then I should be as well…”

quote by paul tripp, via jody landers.

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