dear diary

My morning….started with my little man waking me up by pulling the covers off, jabbering a song, and planting a kiss on my forehead. Yes, he is adorable in every way. After getting Joseph his go-to breakfast (banana and oatmeal, thankyouverymuch) I strapped the little guy on my back, threw on some music, and uber-cleaned the house. (After a week away for Thanksgiving, casa de Craig was needing some Clorox and Windex love. Yikes.) Joseph fell asleep in the Ergo fairly quickly and I treasured every minute of it, because he won’t be this small forever. Who would’ve thought cleaning with a baby on your back could be so sentimental?

[Parent note: Joseph is growing so much — I can’t believe he’s almost 16 months old. I’ve been with him for six months and I love being his mom. Oh, and soon, the state of Iowa will formally recognize us as his parents — our court date is Dec. 7! Because of the type of visa Joseph was issued, he has to be legally adopted in court here, too. It’s basically a formality, but it’s kind of special, because some of our friends and family will get to be part of it. Obviously, they weren’t there for our Nigerian adoption proceedings.]

My afternoon…began with my lovely aunt coming over post-lunch to play with Joseph for a couple hours so I could go to work. Have I mentioned that in addition to some really amazing family members, I have an amazing editing job? Today involved newsletter planning and spreadsheets, and my type-A sensibilities kind of loved it. The best part  is that I can do it anywhere, allowing me to stay home with Joseph during the day. I’m now able to fit in about 20 hours a week. Really thankful.

My evening…consisted of toasting, then burning due to being too engrossed in a phone conversation with my mom, then getting new bread, then toasting turkey and cheese sammies for dinner. Jonny got home and I headed to Freedom for Youth, where I get to teach a drama class to a few lovely middle schoolers. Today, we started writing a Christmas skit that they’re going to perform. They’re going to be newscasters reporting on the birth of Jesus. (Their choice.) Those girls, though fueled by Laffy Taffy, are way more creative and clever than they give themselves credit for.

My night…was spent with an hour of just being Jonny+Kayla+Joseph. Like he always does, Jonny did Joseph’s nightly routine (pjs>quiet time>bed) and then it was time for everyone’s favorite seminarian to hunker down to work on the behemoth of a final paper he’s working on. (Have I mentioned he’s awesome and I love him?) I was able to peacefully unload the dishwasher (usually my least favorite chore, but when it’s quiet and I’m not rushed, it ain’t half bad, plus — clean dishes!). Then, I started reading When Helping Hurts. One chapter in, and I can telling it’s going to have me thinking — and hopefully doing. I watched Zooey D on Conan and I’m completely convinced that in another life, we could totally be besties, but I digress. Now I’m blogging my day, which I’m pretty sure no one cares about except my husband and mom, and that might even be stretching it. But there you go, world. A glimpse into a day-in-the-life.As Joseph would say, nigh-nigh!


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