BIG NEWS: We’re Heading West!

We’re so thrilled to share that we’re moving (yes, moving!) to Colorado to join in the ministry at Mountair Christian Church, a diverse congregation in urban Denver. 

The Background

Currently, Jonny is working at a bank while finishing up his M.A. in theology. For a while, he was feeling God strongly leading him to enter the ministry. And for a while, he struggled to pinpoint a position where he could most effectively be used.

After a lot of prayer, we both came to the conclusion that the right situation for Jonny would be as an assistant pastor at an older, smaller church that was serious about re-imagining its mission and reaching out to its community.

Soon after, we (well, I…let’s be honest) stumbled across an opening at Mountair Christian Church, who was looking for someone to help the church develop a faithful presence as a Gospel community, seeking redemption and reconciliation in the name of Jesus. Responsibilities would focus on community mission, pastoral care, vision implementation, and family ministry.

The Process

Jonny sent his resume on December 19th, and by January 5th, the applicant pool had been whittled down to five. Jonny and Mountair’s pastor, Trevor, Skyped on January 10th, and both expressed that they felt like this was the fit God intended. A few weeks later, Jonny interviewed with the search committee and we were invited on an official visit.

The Visit

In February, we had the opportunity to visit the wonderful people at Mountair and got to spend some quality time with Trevor and his family. We met the church board + explored a little bit of the city. The board unanimously voted for Jonny to join the staff as associate pastor, and we are so humbled by the way God has taken care of us in the process. God could have called us to the middle of nowhere, and we would have definitely followed, but he so generously is allowing us to join a ministry we dreamed about, in a cool city with a stunning view, no less!

The Goodbyes

With every change, no matter how awesome and how Spirit-led, comes a lot of feelings and emotions. We’ll miss our family, friends, friends-who-feel-more-like-family, and our church family. No need to get sappy or sentimental now, but know that we love Iowa, love the people in Iowa, and love our city in Iowa (We went to college here, got engaged here, spent our first 3.5 years of marriage here, bought our first home here, got first jobs here, became parents here…lots of firsts, huh?) We also love that God is an awesome heavenly father who is helping us pen a new chapter in our journey.

 The Dirty Deets

Our moving date depends on when we sell our house! We’re hoping to head to the mile-high city by the end of April. I also feel really fortunate that I’ll be able to continue my editing job from Denver. We’re also still working on finding somewhere to live once we get there. There is so much change going on, we could use your prayers during this transition. Go ahead, pull a Tebow for us.

The Next Step

We really believe in what Trevor and Michelle are doing, what the people of Mountair are doing, and what God is doing (and going to do) at Mountair, and we feel very blessed that God has allowed us to be part of it. 


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