navigating lent: why?

Lent. A time on the Church calendar nudging those who follow Jesus to look inwardly + upwardly.

Whatever your faith [or lack thereof] looks like, introspection is intriguing — attractive, even.

The rough part: Actually wading in that murky tension of who you are, who you want to be, and who you were created to be.

My favorite seminarian has written a couple thoughts on lent for our friend’s blog, Creative Theology. I think they’re worth reading. I’ve included the links + intros.

  • A New Take on Lent – Growing up, there wasn’t a lot of lent-love in the Craig home. Raised Baptist, I mostly (errantly) believed that Lent was a silly form of legalism created by the Catholic church to keep people afraid and in line. With little-to-no knowledge of the early church or even the fact that it’s not just Catholics who celebrate the Lenten season (whaaaaa?!), it was simpler for me to marginalize the belief and practices of others than to be self-reflective.
  • On Sin and Lent: How do I empty me of… me? When I investigate my innermost desires, I believe I can say honestly that I want to be a vessel from which God pours our healing to the world. But how?

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