i need hair help!

I’ve had sweepy side bangs for a year. And now, ladies and gents, I’m ready to go all in (and finally forget the thick, cowlicky mess I rocked in 1997). The last time I had bangs, I heavily relied on butterfly clips, so I’m going to need some help in the hair department. Justine utilizes the blogosphere to combat hair woes + has inpsired me to do the same, especially when it comes to achieving the thick, straight-across fringe I’m stressing about dreaming of. But before I post on stresses about my future tresses (see what I did there?), here’s a glimpse into my year of half-bangs. What do you think? Does any of this give any clues as to how to procure the perfect cut for summer 2012? Help?!

  1. When: February 2011. Where: Spoken fundraiser show. Color: Dark Auburn. Bangs: Short, thin fringe. They always got piecey in a weird spot — see photo.
  2. When: April 2011. Where: My baby shower. Color: Dark Auburn — lightened from the sun. Bangs: Thicker and fuller, fairly styled.
  3. When: June 2011. Where: Ashley’s wedding. Color: Lighter Auburn. Bangs: Very thick, blown out + styled.
  4. When: August 2011. Where: Lagos, Nigeria. Color: Light brown with thin ombre highlights (Hard to tell in the pic.) I loved them. Go to Amber and have them done. Now. Bangs: Growing out, parted to include layers for a look of thicker bangs.
  5. When: September 2011. Where: Family pics. Color: Light brown with thin ombre highlights. Bangs: Side-sweep, trimmed + styled.
  6. When: October 2011. Color: Ombre highlights growing out, looking more golden. Hair lighter from sun.
  7. When: November 2011. Color: Looking even more golden, longer, roots darker. 
  8. When: December 2011. Where: Natalie’s wedding. Color: Highlights getting to the point that bangs are barely colored. Parted far to the side for a sweeping look to accompany a twisted up-do.
  9. When: Today! Color: I recently did an at-home cool, medium brown color to get rid of the brass. Bangs are growing out.

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