the big bang theory.

A gazillion Google searches on my quest to find the perfect bangs have drummed up a few ideas.

The star of my bang inspiration board is Zooey. (Shocker.) I think the thickness of her fringe would work well for me (i.e weigh down the cowlick). Right now, my hair color is closer to JLo’s, but her bangs are a little wispy for my taste. I also want  face-framing pieces + then longer layers — making it cute to throw up (2, 5, 8). My favorite look is 1, because I’m not a huge fan of bangs being piecey (though I know that’s kind of inevitable.)

Okay, so what do you think? Seriously…I want to know. Please tell me.


About Kayla

I'm a full-time journalist turned work-at-home writer. I'm hitched to a shaggy-haired pastor and we're smitten with two wild + crazy boys: Joseph (3), who joined our family via international adoption, and Asher (1), who came the old-fashioned way. I drink strong coffee, I like pretty things, and I believe there's beauty in the broken. I hope Many Sparrows will encourage you to find worth and live a story worth sharing. When I’m not changing diapers and sweeping Cheerios, I’m tickling the ivory keys of my old school MacBook as a freelance writer and editor. And when I’m not doing that, I’m sneaking into the living room in the wee hours of the night to blog about all of the things. (Primarily faith, family, style, adoption, design, and happy thoughts.)
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