super easy spring lemon cookies (from a cake mix!)

That’s a lemon cake cookie. (Ohmyword YUM.)

When my kitchen counters are glistening, I have this inexplicable desire to bake. Kind of counter-intuitive (pun!) but I chose a really easy recipe that left me with only a handful of dirty utensils — and stellar results. If you haven’t tried cake cookies before, you are seriously missing out. Because they are no-fail and seriously so good.

I wanted something light & springy, so I opted for a lemon cake mix.

The easy recipe: I rolled the dough (just add 1/3 cup oil + 2 eggs) into small, 1/2 inch balls and baked at 350 for 7-8ish minutes (they should be a little gooey when you take them out) on an ungreased sheet. This yielded about 50 fluffy, round cookies.

The icing on the cake (cookies): Canned frosting was on sale, so I decided to forgo making my own and opted for the lazy easy option of Whipped Pillsbury Frosting. Transferred into a Ziploc baggie, snipped a corner, and piped all the cookies in about 60 seconds. (Speedy, simple & so cute!) I topped with dotted sprinkles from Target’s Easter section.

What they’re good for: The small, bite-size look would make them super cute for a baby shower, kids’ birthday bash, or an Easter party. They almost look like mini cupcakes, but with a soft cookie texture!

Thoughts from the taste-tester (er, husband): “It was an honor to put that in my mouth. I will eat them all.”


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