new fave blog: oh so lovely vintage.

Through some Instagram stalking, I recently found myself at Oh So Lovely Vintage. I am now officially obsessed, and if I lived in Canada, I’d go into their shop every day until we became besties. Is that creepy?

The blog/shop/mobile vintage shop in a renovated 1956 camper trailer is exactly what I would dream + design if I were talented enough to do so. It’s ran by two ladies who are just a year older than me (youngsters, unite!), and they really have an eye for pretty things. I wish they’d come decorate my casa!

Lately we’ve hit a bout of bad bumps, and the site has offered me a blissful break from the bummers that life seems to be bouncing my way lately.

The sunnyside up is that I now feel inspired to craft a post about a few of my favorite things, vintage edition. I don’t want to get you too excited, but it does feature everything from an orange estate sale chair to vintage Scandinavian-ispired pyrex I scored at an auction.

Anywhoozle, the site really covers lots of my likes, and you should check it out and then go thrifting with me.

Also, I’m wearing polkadot shorts today. And my fringe looks like this:

So I’m chalking this day up to a win.

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