an easy + real way to help.

Statistics and numbers and pictures of sad + lonely children can overwhelm us. We feel disconnected. We know that the multitude of orphans is sad and it’s wrong and it’s not what God intended, but we feel a disconnect. A void. How could we possibly help? How do we do more than put a band-aid on the hurt?

I’ve recently been introduced to the story of sweet Esther in Uganda. She is a little one with special needs who has been waiting awhile for a forever-family to love her…and God has come through in a big way! I am also excited because the family happens to live in Iowa. (Represent!)

I heard someone say this, and I think it’s 100 percent true:

“Really the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just saying yes.”

It only takes a few yes moments for God to work in amazing ways in our ordinary lives. Please consider spreading the word + maybe donating a few bucks to very tangibly help this little girl get the care she needs + the love God has always intended for her. You can do so here. (And in the meanwhile, be eligible for sweet swag, including an iPad, custom clothes, artisan jewlery, etc!)

Here are the deets from another blog:

who is ready to help Esther HOME with the dad, mom & siblings that already
love her so much?!  they just returned home to iowa & will return for Esther’s court date
 in just a couple weeks.  you don’t know who Esther is?  you can read about her on my blog
by clicking her tag at the bottom of this post. you can follow her family’s journey here.
the short version is that Esther is a little girl that has lived in Clayton’s former orphanage
for 3 years where she arrived weighing little more than a newborn at age 3. she has waited
and waited and God has finally brought her forever family.  she is so loved & cherished
by them.  of course, adoption is expensive [especially when it is moving so quick] and in

order for the family to pay for the adoption expenses and to properly prepare things
for some of Esther’s special needs, let’s help Esther’s adoption fund!

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