5 unexpected things to do with ivory soap: the many uses of ivory soap

When you think of Ivory soap, what do you think of? I remember my mom always saying, “So pure, it floats!” But other than that, I think of an outdated means of getting clean. In a world of 1,000 different types of body wash cluttering our shower, what’s the point of an old-school bar of soap?

I was kind of surprised of all of the ways a simple bar of soap can be used. Sometimes I get in a Pioneer-Woman-Laura-Ingalls-Wilder kick where I want to do things as simply + affordably as possible, so making laundry detergent is an option I’m looking forward to trying. I also can’t wait to microwave a bar + let Joseph dig in. (Cheap + clean entertainment, folks!)

So, without further ado, 5 things to do with Ivory soap:

  1. Homemade laundry detergent. With 3 ingredients + five minutes, you can have clean clothes without the chemicals (and price tag!).
  2. Blow it up in the microwave. Ivory soap is so “pure it floats” because of the air bubbles. Microwave it + the result is very similar to what happens when popcorn pops or when you try to microwave a marshmallow. Those air bubbles in the soap (or the popcorn kernels or the marshmallow) contain water and expand when heated in the microwave, making a giant cloud science experiment for kids. (Just be sure they don’t sneak some in their mouth!)
  3. DIY shampoo. Lacking shine? This blogger claims that vinegar + ivory soap do the trick. I’m a little dubious, but I’ve been hearing good things about shampoo alternatives, so it might be worth a shot!
  4. Bath crayons. If your little one needs an incentive to jump in the tub, these DIY bath crayons could be a lifesaver. Grab a grater, a bar of Ivory soap, some food coloring, and a little water, and go! These seem so easy + fun — and no strange chemicals, either!
  5. Facial cleanser. This blogger claims she tried all the good-for-you, all-organic facial cleansers, with no luck. On a whim, she went old school with a bar of Ivory soap, and it took care of her pizza face (haha, too much?). The thought of using bar soap on my face kind of weirds me out, but hey, whatever floats your boat. (Get it?! FLOATS!)
Also, I love the smell of this classic soap. 🙂

[Influenster and Ivory provided me with a bar of Ivory soap for testing purposes through the Mom VoxBox program, but thoughts are my own.]


One thought on “5 unexpected things to do with ivory soap: the many uses of ivory soap

  1. Besides being a fun experiment, the ivory bar in the microwave (don’t suggest doing this with more than a qarter of a bar at a time) is a way to turn your ivory bar into a powder without having to grind it down. Once the ivory puff cloud has cooled, simply place the soap cloud in a ziplock bag and it will easily break down into a fine powder that can be used in the dishwasher as a detergent (if you have a water softner only 1 – 2 tsp is needed to wash a load of dishes) or for other cleaning purposes or projects.

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