back in the [blogging] saddle.

I took an unplanned blogging hiatus for most of the summer/early fall. Amid packing, planning to move, moving, unpacking, working, entertaining a toddler 24/7, diving into a new ministry, and discovering that we are expecting (!!!), there hasn’t been a lot of leftover time to write.

Though all good things have kept me from blogging, I’m kind of bummed. Because I love writing.

But now that we’re settling into our new home and the morning sickness is subsiding, I’m eager to get back in the saddle. And luckily, having lots of busy transitions in life leads to a lot of blog fodder. (Plus, I don’t really have many new friends in our new small town, so…there’s gotta be time somewhere to write.)

A good sign that you’re a writer is that you have a deep desire to write. You need it. You pen memoirs in your head while changing diapers. (What? Just me?) For me, documenting my life on the World Wide Webs is more about therapy + transparency than it is about pageviews + rising to the top of the blogosphere.

(Which is great, because I’m pretty sure my readership is…lacking.)

From my energetic two-year-old’s antics to my big transition to small-town Iowa, I think I have enough inspiration for a somewhat entertaining blog.

So, join me?

2 thoughts on “back in the [blogging] saddle.

  1. Gotta love it, Kayla: I, too, write in my head–letters and novels. Most often, these are “penned” as I drive across Iowa or Minnesota. It’s a great way to make the time pass quickly.

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