easy DIY fall decorating

We recently moved, and part of turning our house our home has been the tiny tweaks and touches that come from DIY decor. The weather is gorgeous today, and we decided to take advantage of it by making our front door a little more welcoming, just in time for fall.

  • Jonny repainted the door, which transformed it from a drab + scratched green to a warm + inviting red.
  • A DIY yarn wreath with felt flowers adds some brightness to the door. (And the colors transition to winter pretty perfectly.)
  • Straw stacks + mini pumpkins gave it a fall vibe without going too Country Home. No scarecrows here.
  • The paint chip + scrapbook paper bunting (So easy! Just cut triangles, use hole punch, and add to yarn.) used to adorn my kitchen, but I haven’t found a place for it in our new abode. I decided to cut it in half and use it for some fun outdoor decor. (It’s under an awning, so it should be safe from the elements)

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