greatest hits of 2012

I know that I’ve yet to deliver on my 10 remaining life highlights for my 25th birthday, but with it being New Year’s Eve and all, it feels only necessary to give a quick year-end rundown of 2012. So, here it goes: 1. Sledding with Joseph. There was something pretty incredible about seeing my sweet […]

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bless all the dear children.

The annual children’s Christmas program was tonight. Adorable angels sang their hearts out. One of the wise men cutely missed his cue. Enthusiastic three-year-olds rang jingle bells. It was one of those shows that just give you the warm fuzzies. I sat in the audience with Joseph on my lap. Unsure how he would last […]

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exactly two years ago

Two years ago today, my sweet son was in an orphanage in Nigeria, waiting for a family. On the other side of the world, in the middle of the U.S., I was waiting, too. Waiting to meet him. Waiting for paperwork. Waiting for a new picture. Waiting. So much can happen in two years. Today […]

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