greatest hits of 2012

I know that I’ve yet to deliver on my 10 remaining life highlights for my 25th birthday, but with it being New Year’s Eve and all, it feels only necessary to give a quick year-end rundown of 2012.

So, here it goes:

1. Sledding with Joseph. There was something pretty incredible about seeing my sweet Nigeria-born son frolicking through the snow for the first time. One of the best things about being a mama is making memories with your kiddo(s).

2. Visiting Denver. Our first trip as a family of three took us to Denver, Colorado. The trip was for a potential job that ended up being an unhealthy situation, and included Jonny and Joseph getting sick, but we still enjoyed traveling as a family. We are so thankful for how everything eventually turned out, and the life lessons we learned along the way.

3. Mother’s Day. In 2011, my Mother’s Day was bittersweet. I was committed to being Joseph’s mom, and I had already got to spend time with my sweet boy, but I was a continent away from seeing him giggle and drying his tears. In 2012, my Mother’s Day was that much more amazing! Our sweet party of three enjoyed a beautiful spring day with a family bike ride + stop at the neighborhood ice-cream shop. But the snuggles from my son were the best part.

4. Philly! Thanks to the frequent flyer miles we accumulated on our two roundtrips from the U.S. to Nigeria, we were able to fly to Philadelphia to spend some QT with some awesome friends who had relocated to Pennsylvania. From the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks, to Ben Franklin’s grave and Betsy Ross’s house, we got to experience some super cool stuff. Our hotel in Old Town was upgraded, and we had an awesome time.

5. Jersey Shore. Part of our trip included spending Memorial Day on the Atlantic City boardwalk. (Which may never be the same now after Hurricane Sandy.) Just like it was incredible to see Joseph experience sledding, it was equally awesome to see him dig his toes into the sand for the first time, and experience the cool, sandy waters of the ocean.
6. 4 years of wedded bliss. I’m so beyond thankful to be married to Jonny. The time keeps flying by. He is the greatest partner-in-life I could ask for. We’re blessed.

7. Oh, baby! This summer, we started thinking that it would be nice to give Joseph a little brother or sister. I’ve been blessed with a low-key pregnancy so far, and we are so thrilled (and a little nervous) to be bringing home a brand-new baby boy in March 2013. Getting to have a little life inside of me has been a experience like no other, and I feel very thankful for it.

8. Birthday bash. Since Joseph and I were in Nigeria for his 1st birthday, we decided to throw a big bash for his 2nd one. We threw a party at my parents, and were blessed to pack it full of family and friends. The party had a Cars theme + while this mama may have gone a teeny bit overboard, it was so much fun to celebrate Joseph and what a blessing he is to so many! And at the end of 2012, Joseph obtained citizenship! That was the final step in his paperwork + we’re thankful it was processed smoothly.

9. On the move. Packing up + moving out of our first house was kind of tough, and leaving so many friends and a city that we had lived in for six years was bittersweet, but we have loved getting into a rhythm of small-town living in Orange City. God has taken care of us through loving, generous people + a healthy church community. We are really enjoying doing life here.

10. Rocky mountain high. One of the cool things about living in Orange City is that we get to do ministry with an awesome couple. We got to go on a district retreat with our head pastor and his wife, and it was so fun to experience an adventure with them! I had never been to the Rocky Mountains, and it was incredible to drive through. We stayed in Snowmass, Colorado and spent a day exploring Aspen. Though one of my goals before turning 25 was to climb a mountain, my pregnancy led me to just enjoying being among the mountains, which counts in my book.

So, 2012 was a pretty awesome year full of big changes + sweet little memories, too. Here’s to 2013!

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