ombre inspiration.

I’m getting my hair cut — and colored — tomorrow morning! I’m pretty excited about it, you guys. After nine solid months of no-color (yeah, I was paranoid about coloring while preggo), I’m pretty thrilled to be changing up my ‘do.

Here’s the deal: I don’t do anything to my hair before over-obsessing about it. (Remember my soliloquy on side bangs? And my quest for the perfect Zooey fringe?)

About two years ago, my talented (and much cooler than me) hair guru told me about this new thing: ombre. To me, it looked like dark roots and overgrown highlights. Pass.

Little did I know, the trend was going to stick. Big time. I’m still not for the mega-dark-to-ultra-light look, but I think a more subtle version of light brown to caramel to dark blonde can be really pretty.

I’ve decided to take the ombre plunge.

So, what’s a girl to do? Scour the Interwebs for the perfect look, of course. Here’s my inspiration board for subtle ombre highlights.

Subtle ombre inspiration.

  1. This look is probably my least favorite of the looks, mostly because I want to go a little bit lighter. I like how the highlights are seamlessly woven in, and her length is close to mine.
  2. I think this is my fave. I don’t think I’ll go this short, but I like the lighter color toward the front of the face, and well, I just like the coloring in general. Also, how do you get waves/curls to look like that? So effortless yet obviously takes a lot of effort, because I can’t seem to master it. My curls look more like…ringlets. Just, no.
  3. I also really like this color. But it’s also blonde. The lightest parts are, like, light. Since my Midwest skin hasn’t seen the sweet sun in eons, I’m not sure I could pull this off. Again, amazing wavy curls. HOW DO I DO THIS?!
  4. If I get my hair like hers, I’ll look like her, right? 🙂 Her hair is a bit longer than mine, but again, I like the color. The tone is good — the colors manage to be warm but not brassy.

Basically, I want a magical combo of all four. Can it be done? Or will I be wearing a scarf around my head this summer due to a botched dye job?

Only a few short hours until we find out.


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