finding joy in an ordinary day


Joy + gratitude are so easily over looked. Sure, we feel it in the big moments: When we hold our sweet babies for the first time, when we look into the eyes of our spouse and say ‘I do’, when we walk up to receive that diploma. But is it always there? In the little moments? In the every day rhythms + routines of our daily lives?

I think it is. We just have to see it.

How would our lives look different if we were mindful in each moment, keeping our eyes (and hearts) open for the beauty in the ordinary?

I admit, it’s not easy.

I spent my morning working on staying in step with gratitude — seeing the wonder of the Kingdom at home.

And…wow. I should do that more often.

I started my morning on a long walk with a good friend. There’s a lot that drives me crazy about small town Iowa, but the sleepy fog over the cornfields, the sun slowly rising on a cool September day, a cuddly baby snuggled into the carrier, a listening ear to hear me talk about ALL OF THE THINGS…I didn’t have to work hard to see the joy in that.

I stopped by my favorite coffee shop. My favorite coffee shop that is notoriously slow. But today I enjoyed the wait. I left my iPhone in the car and listened. I soaked in the creaky wood floors and the baristas who know my name and the whirl of the beans grinding. (And can we talk about coffee shop smells?! Bottle that up for me, please.) I overheard college students laughing over an inside joke. I listened to old friends sharing new stories. I looked into my baby’s silver-dollar eyes and told him that mama loves him.

And you know what? The day isn’t over and every day is a new day to see glimpses of the Kingdom of God.

His mercies are new each morning.

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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