build your kingdom here

I’ve done enough talking this week — how about something else? This is ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ by Rend Collective Experiment, a self-described “eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists” from the North of Ireland. Their words are sticking to me today.

I’m really feeling the need for the Kingdom here. Are you?

Come set your rule and reign/ In our hearts again / Increase in us we pray / Unveil why we’re made/ Come set our hearts ablaze with hope / Like wildfire in our very souls / Holy Spirit come invade us now / We are Your Church / We need Your power / In us

We seek Your kingdom first / We hunger and we thirst / Refuse to waste our lives / For You’re our joy and prize / To see the captive hearts released / The hurt, the sick, the poor at peace / We lay down our lives for heaven’s cause / We are Your church / We pray revive / This earth

Build Your kingdom here / Let the darkness fear / Show Your mighty hand / Heal our streets and land / Set Your church on fire / Win this nation back / Change the atmosphere / Build Your kingdom here / We pray

Unleash Your kingdoms power / Reaching the near and far / No force of hell can stop / Your beauty changing hearts / You made us for much more than this / Awake the kingdom seed in us / Fill us with the strength and love of Christ / We are Your church / We are the hope / On earth

(Fun fact: My handsome husband led this song during a Sunday service…and I got to play THE TAMBOURINE, you guys. Check and mate.)

(One more thing: Shout out to Steve, a friend (and loyal reader) who may have just celebrated a birthday in the 50s, but is really a 20-something at heart. He loves this song + can rock out to it, hard.)

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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2 thoughts on “build your kingdom here

  1. 20 something at heart huh? well I know that guy and it’s more like 12!
    He needs to grow up but he loves this song and he loves the Craigs!

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