living the kingdom on the road

The (many) suitcases are loaded up, the (many) snacks are packed, the baby is asleep, the three year old can barely contain his excitement, the husband is navigating the car and here I am, writing this post on my phone.

We’re on the road, y’all!


You may recall that we’re heading to Washingdon, D.C.

Kind of awkward timing with the government shutdown and all, but we’re still so excited!

Jonny and I were talking, and yeah…it would have been a TON easier (and at times, probably more fun) to travel without the kids. We considered it. We considered bringing just one.

But it didn’t feel right. At all. I mean, Joseph is the reason any of this is happening. And how could we bring one without the other?

Living the Kingdom is valuing God’s littlest creations. And making sacrifices for them. Living the Kingdom as a parent means pouring myself into my children — investing in them and loving them and living stories and making memories.

Because this trip — it’s a story. A Kingdom story celebrating how God brought our family together. And even though our boys are young, we’ll have pictures + memories + stories that we can tell and retell.

They may be little, but we can still make big memories.

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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