skipping church


I’m skipping church this morning. I’m writing this in my pajamas while my baby is sleeping and my three year old is dancing — spinning with his arms reached high — in the living room to worship music.

I wanted to go to church today. I love the community and checking in with people I care deeply about and seeing the sweet kids who seem to grow each week and worshiping together and learning together and sipping coffee and all of it. I love it, really. A Sunday morning gathering is the cherry on top of the community of people who have committed to following Jesus and doing life together 24/7.

But, parents, you can feel me on this: Sometimes, you don’t get to do what you want. Because your six month old has a cough and keeps sneezing and your three year old didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 a.m. because of traveling and now has the sniffles. Because you’ve been traveling all week with weird schedules and your kids desperately need to sleep in their own beds and spend quiet time snuggling with their mama. Sometimes your kids need a break and they need you.

With a husband in the ministry, our family spends Sundays drenched in church. From sun up to sun down, one or more of us (usually including our kids) is connecting + loving + teaching + working for the Kingdom. And it’s a privilege to do that.

But every once in a while, it’s healthy (physically, in this case, but spiritually, too) for our family to take a step back and rest. While part of my heart wishes I was in that building worshiping with my husband + my church, I also know that I have a ministry here, at home. That changing diapers and rocking my baby to sleep and wiping noses are all little things that have big implications for the Kingdom of God.

Because investing in these little people now  — showing God’s love and teaching God’s love — is important. Big time. Oh, you guys…teaching them about Jesus and God’s big love for them is so important. Church is amazing and so essential to our spiritual walk, but if I’m not living it — if I’m not prioritizing my kids’ well being and showing them that I love them more than I love church responsibilities or expectations — then I’m not loving them well. I’m not fulfilling my important ministry of being their mommy.

So today, I worshiped the creator of all things with my hands as I zipped up PJ’s and cleaned up oatmeal. I worshiped with my heart as Joseph and I prayed. I worshiped with my words as we read (well, I read and Joseph kind of listened) about how God kept Paul safe. (Parents: We really love God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.)

I’m looking forward to gathering with all of our awesome people next Sunday. But right now? I’m having church at home.

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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