the cure to the brokenness


When all else fails, take a picture that captures just how crazy your family is. That’s a saying, right?

I read a lot articles online today that made me sad. Stories about our media’s toxic disregard of women. Stories about the cycle of foster care neglect. Stories about how invasive and addicting pornography is to children. Stories that cut straight to the heart about just how broken our world is.

Heavy stuff. The type of stuff I’d love to bury in my head in the sand about. But the truth is that the lies Satan creates are pervasive and real and really not something we can ignore. As believers, as parents, and just as people who care deeply about the next generation.

I look at my two sweet boys, and my heart aches as I consider the challenges they’ll face in our instant-gratification Internet culture where anonymity runs rampant + respect rusts away. Where they’re taught more money, more power, more me, more sex, more things. More, more, more ways to fill a void that can ultimately only be filled by Jesus, the servant King who turns the kingdoms this world upside down and inside out.

I want to raise these boys to become men who fiercely love the living God. Who see that there is power losing their lives so they can gain it. Power in standing with the oppressed and the downtrodden. Power in serving the poor. I want to raise men who respect women. Who are servant leaders. Who love deeply. Who ask tough questions. Who make thoughtful decisions. Who replace the lies of this world with the truth of the King.

But how? How do we, as parents, raise up children in the way they should go?

When I start to feel overwhelmed with the gravity of it all, I look at their sweet faces and remember that there is a God who loves them more than I do. It’s so difficult to comprehend that the creator of all things is in constant pursuit of them.

Our heavenly father is seeking his children here on earth, aching for them to follow His voice. Bringing glimpses of his perfect Kingdom here in the midst of pain and brokenness.

Believing parents, let’s remember to pray for our children tonight. To pray that above all, they find their identity in Love — their identity in Christ.

Living the Kingdom at home is remembering that God is invested in our lives.
Living the Kingdom at home is reflecting on the truth that we are made in His image.
Living the Kingdom at home is recognizing that He loves us deeply with a sacrificial love so encompassing that it’s impossible to completely fathom.
Living the Kingdom at home is reveling in the promise that His Spirit is with us, right here and right now, guiding us and weaving our stories to further The story.

When I read about the hurts of this world and begin to feel powerless, I need to remember this: There is healing, and there power, in the name of Jesus.

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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