having a kingdom closet


Hangers everywhere, shirts strewn about, overflowing drawers. Our closets can be scary places.

I need to be honest here: I have too many clothes. The worst part is that I have a constant desire to have more.

So how can I enjoy having a fun wardrobe while living a Kingdom-mindset?

Tonight, I participated in a clothing swap with about 15 ladies. We each brought in some gently used items, and got to browse through the racks of what other people brought. My closet got slightly less chaotic, I had the privilege of spending some kid-free time with some lovely women, and I came home with a bag full of fun new (to me) pieces. The price? Zero dollars with a donation to go toward Operation Christmas Child. Win.

Living the Kingdom at home is living creatively.

So here’s the challenge: In what ways do you live creatively when it comes to your closet? In what ways can you?

Do you frequent thrift stores? Fancy yourself a garage sale maven? Do you purchase fair-trade or ethically sourced clothes? Accessories? Do you support local businesses? Do you knit or sew or crochet? Do you intentionally limit your purchases? Do you donate your clothes? Do you mend worn out knees? Do you trade with friends instead of hitting the mall? Do you opt for quality over quantity?

God cares about how we use our resources. Our choices — big and small — matter. There are limitless ways we can live intentionally, even with something as seemingly trivial as clothes.

What are your go-to ways to live creatively when it comes to simplifying your wardrobe?

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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5 thoughts on “having a kingdom closet

  1. I’m bad at this. really bad at this. but I do enjoy a good closet purge on a regular basis. it helps simplify my wardrobe, and if I’m able to consign some things, it puts a bit of money back into our bank account! (now I need to learn to never taken that money out!)

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