patience at the pumpkin patch

I’d been hearing the rallying cry all day. “Pick punk-in! Piiiick punk-in!” A certain little boy in our house was beyond himself with excitement. He was going to navigate the corn maze and eat popcorn and feed the goats and, of course, find the perfect pumpkin. Because we were going to the pumpkin patch. Visions of […]

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just a little spark

Never, ever, ever underestimate the influence you, your stories, and your words have on others. Yesterday, my friend Shelley wrote a very cool post, Igniting the Spark, about the ripple effect of our stories. About how the stories we’re writing with our lives can influence others. About how our stories have power. About how our words […]

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Not Pastor Daddy, Just Daddy

This guest post about living a Kingdom life when nobody’s watching was written by my husband. You can read more of his work here. I am a pastor. Which is, like, a professional Christian. I get paid to read the Bible, to have coffee with people, to talk about Jesus. I’m not going to lie, it’s […]

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marriage: contracts + covenants

There is so much out there about Christian marriages, I feel kind of disinterested in writing about it. I’m very thankful for five smooth years of marriage. At 20, I was practically a child bride and I know that young marriages don’t always work (heck, most marriages don’t), so I’m incredibly thankful for a healthy […]

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skipping church

I’m skipping church this morning. I’m writing this in my pajamas while my baby is sleeping and my three year old is dancing — spinning with his arms reached high — in the living room to worship music. I wanted to go to church today. I love the community and checking in with people I […]

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Angels in Adoption Pinning Ceremony

On Tuesday, we had the very surreal experience of attending the National Coalition on Adoption’s 2013 Angels in Adoption pinning ceremony. It was held at the National Guard Headquarters during a lunch ceremony where members of congress were running in and out because they were on the floor voting. Each “angel” was introduced by their […]

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