making memories


Well, I’m starting this post at 11: 50 p.m., if that tells you anything.

My Halloween was full of cuddling with an adorable seven-month-old tiger and scoring candy with the cutest three-year-old Thomas the train.


We trick-or-treated and we walked through our little downtown and we ate too many Reese’s, but mostly, we made memories.

When we got home, there was bad news to be seen on every screen I glanced at — and incredibly sad news in our community that broke this mama’s heart. News that showed that there are some young families near us whose hearts are really aching right now. Like, really.

And so, I wasn’t quite sure what to post today. How to I post about a happy day in light of such a tragedy?

I don’t know the answer. (Really, if you know me, you know I don’t know a lot of things.)

But I do know that I look into my children’s eyes and pray that they see how much I adore them.


I pray that their little hearts know how deeply I love them, and more importantly, how deep the Father’s love is for them. I pray that I speak life into them when I hold their hands as we cross the street, as I hold my terrified 3-year-old when he spots another little boy dressed as Spiderman.


I pray that my sons grow to know that we spend time doing little traditions with them because they’re valued. Because they are precious and because they matter. Because time with them is special and never, ever wasted. Because time together, however trivial it may seem, is a gift and a privilege.

And, you know what else I pray for? I pray that I can begin to dwell in the incredible reality that the Kingdom of God is here, and not yet, too. That I can live with arms high + heart abandonded, and eyes set upon a cross that bears the weight of this broken world’s burdens. A cross that says there is power in having Christ in me, and in living in a way that the world can’t quite make sense of.

Thank you, sweet friends, for letting me share and joining me in this 31-day (minus a few days) peek into living the Kingdom at home. I barely even began to unravel what it can look like or mean to live the Kingdom at home, to bring Jesus into our living rooms and cupboards and closets and playrooms. Into my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

There is so much more to be unpacked, and maybe this little dot on the Internet can be a space to keep on doing it.

Because I want to keep tearing down those walls in hope of something better.

So. Much. Better.

31 days of living the kingdom at home

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