blogger clothes swap + what my husband thinks about my style


I’m so thrilled to share that I’m  joining forces with two amazingly talented (and so stylish!) ladies for a clothing swap. Justine and Madison are fellow bloggers (Follow them, now!), and when we started throwing around the idea of a collaboration, I was so excited. Raiding your  fashionable friends’ closets? Yes, please.

Here’s what we did: Each blogger handpicked three pieces to send to each participant (so we all received six new-t0-us items). I picked shirts, skirts, and a dress that had been on their hangers for way too long. With Christmas approaching and my favorite stores boasting tempting holiday sales, I’ve been brainstorming ways to think creatively about clothes. This clothing swap helped me simplify my closet while getting to enjoy some new-to-me pieces.

I received wardrobe staples that were definitely my style — and more colorful, patterned prints that took me out of my comfort zone (and maybe got me a little out of my work-at-home wardrobe rut!). I’ll be sharing how I styled what I received over the next few weeks, and I’m super curious to see what worked (and what didn’t) for Madison and Justine!

To kick off the swap, we thought it’d be fun interview our husbands about how they view our style. I was talking about this clothing swap so much that Jonny was maybe more excited than I was when the packages came in the mail.


Here’s what Jonny had to say about my style. I definitely laughed out loud!

How would you describe my style? Classic with a boho flair? Lots of layers, scarves, cardigans, big necklaces. (Kayla note: Do I dress like an old lady?) Muted colors, earth tones. It’s a lot of pieces that can combine into a lot of different outfits. (Full disclosure: I googled “boho.”)

What’s your favorite thing I wear? I mean, my favorite thing you wear is technically pajamas, so I’m not sure that counts. I really like when you wear cocktail dresses, but our (lack of) social life doesn’t call for that much…thanks a lot, kids.

What’s your least favorite thing I wear? You had a maternity shirt that I wanted to rip up. Nay, burn. But there’s really nothing I can think of that’s in your normal rotation that I don’t like. Thankfully you don’t wear: Wedge heals (gross), pants without back pockets (why are these a thing??) corduroy pants (not judging everybody who wears these, just not my thing) or those jeans with bedazzled back pockets (terrible!).

Do you remember what I was wearing on our first date? Yikes. No, I’m sorry, I don’t remember. I do remember one date, though. It was a black and white floral skirt. Good gracious. I think that’s the night I decided we should get married. Do you still have that??!

What do you wish I would wear more often? Are capris still a thing? (Kayla note: No.) I will say that I miss “magazine Kayla” style. Dress pants and button up shirts and high heels and all that jazz. Not very practical now, so I wouldn’t say “you should wear dress pants and high heels more often,” but I do miss it.

What store/brand best describes my style? Gap Outlet. Hahahaha, maybe I should just say Gap? But you rock the sales racks so hard and still look so good! Seriously, when was the last time you paid full price for clothes? Ever?? Gap Outlet is what I’m sticking with. Clearance rack pride.

Don’t forget to check out Madison and Justine’s husbands’ surveys, and follow along with them! Visit Madison at Espresso and Cream and Justine at Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One.


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