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the post that went viral in 2013

What kind of word nerd would I be if I didn’t review my blog stats? I kind of geek out over Web metrics. I love peeking into what makes readers tick: What you like — and what you don’t. Usually, … Continue reading

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my makeup must-haves: 10 products i wear every day

Can we talk about makeup for a minute? Santa brought me the Orla Kiely makeup bag I’ve been drooling over, and I’ve had beauty on the brain ever since. So, what’s your daily routine like? Mine is fairly low-key: In my makeup bag, … Continue reading

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o holy night: free christmas printables

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? You know, one that gives you goosebumps? For me, it’s O Holy Night. The words paint a picture of the God who humbly came to Earth with a scandalous and glorious love that changed … Continue reading

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swell forever company launch + heirloom gift giveaway

Swell Forever is a fresh + charming company recently launched in Atlanta. When Brooke, the company’s founder, e-mailed me about the beautiful brand, I was immediately smitten with the heirloom items — and, most importantly, the heart behind them. Proceeds from … Continue reading

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style swap: how i wore it

And, here it is, folks! Here’s how I styled the lovely items from my style swap. (You were on pins and needles, weren’t you?) As you are all fully aware (because I won’t stop talking about it), I took part … Continue reading

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i want to send you a christmas card!

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them, and I love receiving them, too. There’s something about giving and receiving handwritten notes and cards. I’m the first to admit: I’m glued to my iPhone and guilty of posting a billion Instagrams, but … Continue reading

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hope is my anchor

Remember my lovely friend Natalie? If you’re doing some holiday shopping, you’re going to want to check out these really amazing Hope is My Anchor shirts she’s selling to raise funds for her adoption of twin boys from Central Africa. … Continue reading

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