i want to send you a christmas card!

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them, and I love receiving them, too.

There’s something about giving and receiving handwritten notes and cards. I’m the first to admit: I’m glued to my iPhone and guilty of posting a billion Instagrams, but not printing enough photos. I can fire off an e-mail like nobody’s business, but I rarely use all of that charming stationery I keep buying at Target.

But good old-fashioned mail is just…special. Maybe now more than ever. When I spy a little something in the mail, I turn into a child, tearing the envelope to pieces in my excitement. Jonny and I always compete for who gets to open items addressed to both of us. (I really like mail, OK?)

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 4.03.08 PM
This is our 2013 Christmas card. (Well, one of them. Did I mention sometimes I get multiple designs? Because I’m me and I’m crazy.)


So, Christmas cards. Do you love them, too? Picking the perfect photos (we actually did two sessions this year — traditional indoor + casual outdoor — yay for talented friends + good deals!), choosing a card design, addressing the envelopes. (Yeah, I actually like addressing envelopes. It’s strangely therapeutic for me.)

And while I’m good with ordering cards (I usually go for Shutterfly because of all the discount codes, but I have a design crush on Minted), I’m not so great with keeping an address book. I’ve seen a lot of my friends share about Postable, which is an online address book that allows friends and family to share their address with you. It takes about five seconds and it’s a secure site.

Would you share your address with us? I’d love to send you a card, whether we’re neighbors, long-lost friends, or new acquaintances! Go here to update us on your address.

And if you’d like to send me a card, well…you know I’ll be ripping the envelope with excitement.

Lest you think we are anywhere near a picture-perfect family, these smiles lasted about two seconds, so thank the good Lord above for a fast-snapping photographer. By the end, our kids were screaming + flailing, my hair was fifty kinds of hot mess, and my husband vowed to never take pictures with me again. EL OH EL.


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