style swap: how i wore it

kaylabloggerstyleswapAnd, here it is, folks! Here’s how I styled the lovely items from my style swap. (You were on pins and needles, weren’t you?)

As you are all fully aware (because I won’t stop talking about it), I took part in a blogger clothing swap with Madison and Justine. (You can read my first impressions here.) Some of these items, while all very cute, aren’t patterns/materials/prints/cuts that I’d pick for myself. So, wearing them and then sharing pictures for the world to see have made me a little…self conscious. Eeeee! (Don’t judge these awkward photos too harshly!)

Here’s how I merged my style with their clothes:

  1. Printed sweater from Justine: I thought about wearing up a button-up shirt underneath, but all of mine are pretty loose, and this sweater was snug. I opted for a black scarf, since a boat neck in the winter just seemed kind of cold to me. And, since the sweater was snug, I paired the top with looser trouser jeans from J.Crew.
  2. Grey cardigan from Madison: This sweater was probably my favorite item, mostly because it’s versatile and something I’d buy myself. I actually wore this in some family pictures! I paired with a loose chambray-with-flowers top, olive green scarf, black skinnies from Gap, and boots. (These boots, actually. Target does it again!)
  3. Grey top from Madison: I really liked this top, too. I paired it with black skinnies (these are my go-to pants, as you may have noticed). I wanted a pop of color, so I opted for a red Noonday layered necklace. (It was handmade in Uganda and purchasing it supports fair-trade artists. Pretty with a purpose!)
  4. Coral top from Madison: I stressed out so much about this top! The color is bright, and the loose, silk top is just not something I’d pick to be in my rotation. I couldn’t figure out if I should keep it loose, tuck it in, pair it with a skirt, wear a cardi over it, or something else?! So stressful! I tucked it in and paired it with my go-to black pants and nude heels…and I was surprised with how much I liked it. If I still had an office job, I wouldn’t skip a beat in wearing this outfit to work.
  5. Animal print skirt from Justine: I had a lot of fun with this skirt — and actually wore it to church! (Hey, pastor’s wives, go on with your bad selves!) I went with jewel tones to even out the print — an emerald tank with a plum open-cardigan, black tights and black heels. There are a lot of possibilities with this skirt and I think it would be fun to dress up even more for a New Year’s Eve party. (Let’s be honest, I’ll be rocking Asher to sleep. But I could do it in style.)
  6. Blue print dress from Justine: When I opened this dress, I thought it was really pretty. Soft, colorful, cute detail — and pockets, of course. Unfortunately, this dress was not flattering for my body type. Unlike the pencil skirt, which flattered my curves, I felt like this dress exaggerated my body in all of the wrong places. I really didn’t want to share a picture of me wearing it. (I know, so dramatic!) I tried tights, I tried cardigans, I tried layers, but nothing seemed to work. I decided on grey platform heels and a vintage pearl necklace to try to distract from how awful I looked in this. It’s a lovely dress, but just not right for me. (If you want this dress, I’ll be happy to give it to a loving home! Just let me know!)

So, there it is. (Shout out to Valerie Denise Photos for snapping a few of these pictures for me.)

What was your favorite item I received? Any advice for me in styling these items in the future?

Here’s how Justine styled what we sent her. (She is SO pulling it ALL off!) And, I’ll update with Madison’s style post when it goes live. (If you haven’t seen their first impressions of what I picked for them, you can see Madison’s here and Justine’s here. Also, they are both gorgeous and I’m convinced they’d look stunning in whatever they wore!)

This swap was so much fun. I’d love to participate in something similar in the future!

(Ladies, what do you think of a spring swap?)


This is part three of a three-part style series with Justine at Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One and Madison at Espresso and Cream. You can see my first post, including what my husband thinks about my style, here. My second post where I share my first impressions of the gorgeous items these lovely ladies sent me may be seen here.


4 thoughts on “style swap: how i wore it

  1. Well, it’s official: My clothes look SO MUCH BETTER on you! I love seeing how you put everything together. Plus, you’re giving me serious bangs envy. I would love to do another swap in the spring!

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