swell forever company launch + heirloom gift giveaway

swell forever

Swell Forever is a fresh + charming company recently launched in Atlanta. When Brooke, the company’s founder, e-mailed me about the beautiful brand, I was immediately smitten with the heirloom items — and, most importantly, the heart behind them. Proceeds from the beautiful vintage-style products go to the Swell Forever Adoption Fund, an effort to help families adopting waiting children from foster care.

Because everyone deserves a swell forever.

“While Swell Forever wants to support all forms of adoption, raising awareness for the 100,000 children in the United States who are waiting in foster care to have a Forever Family is where our heart lies. These children come from a variety of backgrounds representing all races and ages, even infants.  They have dreams and each has something valuable to offer the world,” Brooke says. “Some of the most difficult children to place are sibling groups, those with disabilities and behavioral challenges, and older foster youth. There has long been a hesitance associated with adopting out of foster care, but children are simply children and they deserve unconditional love and the security of family just like everyone else.”

The hope at Swell Forever is to bring the stories of these children to life by revealing the beauty in adopting out of foster care and raising awareness for the many opportunities each of us has to improve the outcomes for kids, who, by no fault of their own, are waiting for a family.

“We believe that they deserve a life full of all things joyful, vibrant + beautiful, the resounding meaning behind our brand,” Brooke says.

The amount of grants Swell Forever can provide to hopeful forever families depends on the sales of their gorgeous heirloom gifts, with the goal of providing at least one grant per month.

If you’ve been feeling the tug in your heart to your family through foster care, you can apply for one of the Swell Forever adoption grants.

Requirements for Adoption Funding Support:

  • Must be actively seeking a legal adoption placement with a home study completed or in progress
  • Must be working with a private or public agency that can vouch for your participation in adoption proceedings

As the company grows, Swell Forever plans to partner with organizations that advocate for safe families for children as well.

“We will launch. We will make pretty things. More importantly, we will do so ethically, thoughtfully, and with a greater mission in mind. We will support manufacturing in the United States,” Brooke says. “And while I can spout wild goals, bringing one child closer to a Swell Forever is worth the blood, sweat, and tears — because once you know love, you can’t go back.”

Stop by Swell Forever to see the intricate, beautiful handmade throw blankets and glass birds. You can personalize them and I think they’d make really special gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and other meaningful occasions.

Swell Forever has graciously offered to host a giveaway for Many Sparrows readers. I love the symbolism behind birds, and I really love the Swell Forever Birds. Here’s your chance to win one of these sweet little hand-blown glass birds — keep as a sweet reminder that you are loved, or give it to someone to show them how much you value them.

“The hummingbird symbolizes joy, playfulness, adaptability and resilience,” Brooke says. ” These beautiful, tiny creatures instantly lift the mood and invite a more optimistic outlook on life.”

Forever Birds hang gracefully as a reminder of the message sent by its gift giver. Hang in a window in a favorite spot or on a vanity as a constant reminder of love, joy, and hope.  (And, of course, they make a gorgeous addition to any tree for the holidays!) Forever Birds hang on a dainty ribbon and come thoughtfully packaged (LOVE the charming design!) with an option to personalize a keepsake card with your own special message to the recipient. And maybe the best part is that a portion of proceeds contribute to the Swell Forever Adoption Fund.

A winner will be randomly selected on Christmas day. Merry Christmas!

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