fast + easy homemade baby food (so easy, even I can make it!)

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I have to admit something: I buy baby food. Like, ready-to-go jars off the grocery store shelf. I know there are super-pioneer-mamas out there who till the garden and can organic vegetables and add fresh herbs to their 9-month-old’s breakfast, but I am not that person. (Not judging — if I had the time and skills, I would totally be that person.)

While I can fall into the habit of grabbing Gerber, I try to opt for organic when I can afford it. (I know, I know, be a better budgeter, Kayla!) In my defense, I live in small-town Iowa — the great land of meat and potatoes where healthy products tend to be rare and expensive. (Again, not judging meat and potatoes. Both are my friends. But, oh, Trader Joe’s, how I miss thee!)

Okay, so I do make some homemade baby food, but the busy-mama way: Mashing bananas, pureeing black beans, and whirling up steamed-from-frozen veggies in our Magic Bullet. (Well, actually, our five-year-old Magic Bullet knock off from JC Penney, but it does the job and you get the point.)

Anyway, I decided to get a little fancy with my DIY baby food, and by fancy, I mean three ingredients:

  1. DOLE Harvest Blend Mandarin Oranges (Go with any brand, that’s just what I used. When you’re shopping, just make sure to grab the fruit in juice, not in syrup!)
  2. Ripened bananas
  3. Whole grain oatmeal baby cereal (I used Earth’s Best Organic Oatmeal Cereal.)

How to do it: Add a little (just a bit does the trick) juice from the mandarin oranges into your bullet or blender, along with a handful of mandarin oranges, and a broken up banana. (So precise, right?) Blend. Done. It’s an easy and cheap mom hack, folks!

I was able to fill about three 6 oz. (the big ones) baby food jars of the puree, for about 75 cents! (I’m guessing about 50 cents for the amount of oranges used, and 25 cents for the banana.) For convenience, I stored in some small, reusable Ziploc bowls. When ready to use, add a few shakes of the oatmeal to the fruit puree to thicken the consistency.

Earth's Best Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal with Ikea plastic baby bowl and spoon. Quick, easy and healthy baby food.

How does it taste? Good news, you guys! It was like having a tropical party in my mouth. (Alright, maybe not that tasty, but I’m living in the arctic freeze right now, so I’m THINKING WARM THOUGHTS, OKAY?!)

So there you have it. If you have a well-stocked pantry, you might even have these ingredients (or similar) on hand. If I worked for a baby food company, I’d call the recipe something like Citrus Banana Blast or Mandarin-Banana-Oatmeal Blend or Baby’s Best-Ever Breakfast or some such nonsense, but I’ll just leave it at the easy baby food that I whipped up in less than 60 seconds.

And — it’s Asher approved!


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