just the way you are

Hearts on Display : White Designed by  Susan Farrington
‘Hearts on Display’ card by Susan Farrington

I’ve been a frustrated mom lately. I’ve lost my patience, bubbled over, and felt guilty about it…only to have it happen all over again when the juice cup spills for the fourth time.

Joseph likes to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood — a new, animated spin on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The show is aimed at preschoolers, and touches on life lessons to little people. (I can’t tell you how many times Joseph wants to watch the episodes about being brave at the doctor.) Each episode includes little songs that are cute and really catchy . One we’ve been singing recently: “I like you, I like you, I like you — just the way you are.” (We like to replace “like” with “love.”)

Last night, I was flying solo as I did our bedtime routine with Joseph and Asher. With a crying baby on my hip, I zipped Joseph’s footie PJs and attempted to usher him into his bed. I was tired, and my patience was waning. And, like the cycle goes, I was guilty for feeling that way. Thoughts like “I’m not a good enough mom” and “These boys deserve so much more” whispered in my ear as I stepped on a Hotwheel and kicked plastic train track aside, still trying to shuffle Joseph away from the scattered toys and toward the bed. I didn’t realize that in the chaos, I was humming our little Daniel Tiger song.

I kneeled down to put a box of wipes on the shelf, and looked up to two little hands embracing my face, with very serious eyes looking straight into mine.

And then Joseph started singing.

“I yuv yooou, I yuv yooou, I yuv yooou jusss da weeeey you ahhhhhh.”

As a mom, I place unattainable expectations on myself, and feel frustrated when I inevitably fail. Maybe you do, too.

But guess what? Our kids know our hearts. And guess what else? They’re really gracious and really forgiving.

And most importantly, they love us just the way we are.

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