confessions of a cupcake culprit

cute little boy in thomas shirt with lemon cupcakes

“Mommy! Mommy!”

I rolled over, eyes squinting, hands fumbling for my glasses on the nightstand.

“So sorry, Mommy!”

I threw on my glasses and lifted my heavy head from the pillow.

“Mommy, so SORRY!”

My hazy eyes adjusted, discovering Joseph in our bedroom doorway, loudly and profusely apologizing for a crime that had not yet been revealed.

“Buddy, what? Why are you sorry?”

I sat up and glanced at the clock: 6:50 a.m.


He stood in the doorway, now shouting his mystery morning apology.

“Joseph, come here. What happened? Are you okay?”

This was not how I normally start my day.

“MOMMY, Joey ate cupcake…”

I flipped on the light, revealing a little brown face covered in white frosting, sprinkles on his cheeks leaving evidence of an early morning binge while his silly parents snoozed.

I stumbled out of bed.

“It’s okay, buddy. Show me what happened.”

He grabbed my hand, shuffling his footie pajama-clad feet toward the kitchen.

The proof waited on the counter. A dozen cupcakes we had baked together the night before were laid bare, frosting lovingly licked off each one.

“Joey ate cupcake. Cupcakes fall down. CUPCAKES FALL DOWN! Joey get towels.”

He took a deep breath, looking up at me with big, brown eyes.

The cupcake culprit had confessed his crime and coverup.

He waited for the verdict.

I scooped him into my arms, his head snuggled sheepishly on my shoulder.

“Oh, buddy. Thank you for telling me. Don’t do it again, okay?”

I tried to hold back my laughter.

“Okay. No more cupcakes.”

And with his declaration, he was ready for breakfast. He hunkered down in the breakfast nook and I began to make coffee.

“Mommy? MOMMY?”

A little voice beckoned.

I turned around.

“Mommy…Joey’s tummy hurt.”

And so it was. Our sweet little lesson in just desserts.

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