gorgeous quilts for adoption


I’m so thrilled to share how you can get one of these gorgeous kantha quilts. And I will below, so keep reading. But first, I just have to tell you about much I love the connections God makes. For how terrible the Internet world can be sometimes, it can also allow us to make connections and find community.

I connected with Kelsey Golden when I saw a friend re-tweet Kelsey’s request for some fellow designers + artists + crafters to donate a few items for an international adoption fundraiser. On a whim, I let her know I had some nursery prints she could use. It turned out that she had recently moved from Florida to being two hours away from me, and was working with the adoption agency in our town. Small world! But that’s only the beginning. Because GOD.

A week later, I got an email from Kelsey. She just found out that the little boy in Uganda that they were hoping to adopt has sickle cell. In her “sickle cell adoption” Google search, she came to a post I wrote about Joseph’s sickle cell. She had lots of questions for me, and I was happy to answer and to connect her with our group of amazing adoptive moms of kids with sickle cell. The community we have is amazing and we are constantly sharing stories, asking questions, and praying for each other’s kids. (I got to meet two of these women at Created for Care — a post will be coming about that amazing retreat soon!)

After a lot of prayer + research, Kelsey and her husband decided to work as hard as they could to become this waiting little boy’s family. Since little Michael has some special needs, his adoption paperwork has been going through very quickly. International adoption processes and paperwork can be very expensive, and the timeline has been faster than the Goldens initially expected or planned for. So, little Michael and this waiting family could really use some help to complete their adoption!

This is where these gorgeous, handmade quilts come in!


Courtney, an amazing mama to 7 amazing kids, one of whom (Emmy) has sickle cell, is hosting a handmade quilt fundraiser on Instagram to help the Golden family. These would make gorgeous gifts, and a fabulous addition to a little bedroom redo! Handmade quilts + helping an adoption? Yes, please.

These are just a few of the quilts from India they’re auctioning tomorrow on Courtney’s Instagram. (Follow @thelottofus for the auction!) The auction is tomorrow (Thursday) night at 8 p.m. CST. Bids start at $75 and quilts are one-size: Queen/King. So, get those fingers ready!


If you’re not able to participate in the auction, would you mind helping us spread the word? Share the above picture with #bringbabygoldenhome and tomorrow night at 7 p.m. CST, they’ll randomly select a winner for a $25 visa gift card! (If you have a private Instagram account, make sure to let Courtney know you shared by tagging @thelotofus and commenting on Courtney’s picture.) Each share = one entry. So, use your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/blog for good and get sharing!

In the meantime, I’m praying for little Michael to be able to join his sweet family soon and get the medical care he needs, and I’m hoping in some small way this can help.

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