people matter: something we can do THIS week to help down syndrome adoption

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This is a post about beauty from ashes. A post of some heartbreaking stuff, but some heartwarming stuff, too. This is a post about beautiful life and beautiful babies and beautiful children and beautiful parents and beautiful communities. This is a post about how all of us matter, and how all of us can do little things with big love.

I was humbled when Sevenly asked me to partner with them with this week’s sales to help a child with Down syndrome become adopted by a loving family.

When a child is given love, protection, and care, they can become the greatest joy in a family’s life.

All babies should experience this love, and so should all parents.

However, not all birth parents feel they can meet the needs of a child with Down syndrome. I did a little research, and between 60% to 90% of women who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis end the pregnancy, according to a 2012 analysis of 24 studies in Prenatal Diagnosis. (You can read the USA Today story here.)

Reading that makes my heart sink.

But there is hope. Of those parents who don’t choose abortion, some families place their little ones for adoption, and several babies are awaiting a loving home. There are families out there who want to bring these children home, but struggle to afford the high cost of adoption


Here’s where we all can come into making something beautiful.

This week, Sevenly is partnering with International Down Syndrome Coalition to fund adoption grants for families adopting a child with Down syndrome. With your support, we’ll connect these children with families who will provide a permanent and loving home.

How Sevenly works: Every week Sevenly (and its customers) teams up with a charity, helping raise funds and awareness for 7 full days. The campaign starts on Mondays at 10am PST with the release of limited edition products.


Make A Purchase: Each purchase of these really amazingly designed shirts (there are a ton of designs and I’ll be highlighting later this week) gives $7 to the charity partner of the week. Whether you purchase a campaign specific shirt or something from our curated vendor selection, $7 goes directly to making a difference with the charity. (Here, I’m wearing the Adopt Flowy Dolman shirt that’s available this week only. How cute is it?! It’s so soft and flowy. It’s flattering + fashionable, so GET ONE before it’s sold out.)

Change Lives: With over 3 million dollars raised and counting, the purchase with Sevenly makes a difference! With the help of people like you we’ve already improved the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world and look forward to affecting thousands more.

This week, I’ll be posting a sweet family story who has been touched by the adoption of a sweet little one who has Down syndrome, and I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite shirt designs. I would love for you to join me in helping form families. We all may not be called to adoption, but we can all come alongside others. Because as Sevenly’s mission says, people (all people) matter.


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