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learning to rest – it's not what you think

When was the last time you rested? I mean, really rested? I’ve been trying to figure out what it means to rest well. To turn off the noise to tune into what really matters. You know how sometimes you hit … Continue reading

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moms, you will relate to this

This video is one mama’s “apology” to her friends without kids, her funny confession as to why she has been so distant. It’s pretty on-point, and definitely relatable. Like, all of it. The texting, the one-hour nap, the cheese on the … Continue reading

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national pretzel day: take a break & treat yourself!

National Pretzel Day. It’s a thing, you guys, and it’s on April 26! I’m all about celebrating the little things, and I’m pretty excited for all the fun stuff I get to share with you today. (Including a fabulous giveaway that … Continue reading

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when the labels don't fit

This is for the mixed-ups and the misfits. For the wide-awakes who are dead-tired. For the confused have-it-all-togethers. For the both-ands. I’ve been learning that I’m carrying baggage that is all-together heavy and light. Sometimes, I think everyone in the world … Continue reading

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a shot of confidence for the young moms in the house

Hey, I get it. While your friends were sneaking out of bed and snapping Facebook photos of the blood moon, you were rocking a wailing baby to sleep. And while those friends were sleeping in at 6:30 in the morning, … Continue reading

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black hoodies and kitchen table tears

Spring ventured out of hiding this week, and our little family has been welcoming its arrival with walks to the park, bike-riding adventures, and sidewalk chalk sessions. It has felt so good to come out of hibernation, to let my … Continue reading

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so you want to start a blog

Ever doubted that you actually have anything important to say? Ever thought, writing is for her, but no one wants to listen to me? Ever wondered if God could really use you?  You might think, if I start a blog, nobody … Continue reading

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