share your story…it matters


This morning, I had the privilege of sharing with our local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group about sharing our stories through blogs. When the leaders asked me to speak for a few minutes, I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. Isn’t creating a blog something you Google how to do once and then just start? But, then I started thinking about the souls behind our stories. About how each of us has an important story to tell — a story that’s part of the Story.

And my excitement started to build. I began dreaming, wondering if we could be a tribe of women who used our online voices for good. Women who came together to put down the measuring sticks and used our words to build each other up instead of pulling each other down with those judgments and assumptions that so easily creep into our hearts. I began dreaming of a group of women of passion and compassion, who knew they were so much more than what they give themselves credit for — who could see the that they really do have it in them to use their voices to change the world. (As Beyonce would say, who run the world? Girls.)

So I asked God to let me use my voice to make much of Him. I prayed that somehow, he’d be able to use my blabbing, fast-talking voice for good. And I started to believe that maybe God really could take my mess and make something beautiful with it, and encourage or equip my fellow mamas in the process.


Before I began exploring my more practical beginner blogging tips, I wanted to share something with these lovely ladies — some truths that I believe echo God’s heart for each one of us, right where we are:

  1. You have a story. And it matters. Use your unique perspectives & experiences, gifts & talents, to share your story. Writing is about finding the precious in mundane. The beauty in the mess.
  2. Aim for purpose, not perfection. If you wait to write until you think you’re funny enough, smart enough, organized enough, Christian enough, mom enough, you’ll never start. You may not feel like you’re enough, but God is enough. He is more than enough. When we rest in that grace, we’re free to let go & capable of doing more than we can imagine.
  3. Be intentional with your influence. No matter who you are, you have influence. Your words will impact more people than you can imagine. Motherhood can get lonely. Writing & connecting online can help us band together. The Internet can be a dark place. Be a light.

Blogging is simply about sharing stories, and I believe God wants us to use our online voices for Him. When we use our words as a reflection our love and God’s love for us, incredible things start to happen. As moms, we have the perfect inspiration for writing — the best blog fodder — a cast and crew of little people who teach us lessons, who show us glimpses into who we are and who we could be.

Tomorrow, I’m posting my top 10 tips for moms for starting a blog, as well as a downloadable PDF of truths & tips you can print for your desk, or to share with those mamas you know who might need just a little nudge to take that step of creating a space online to share their stories.

4 thoughts on “share your story…it matters

  1. Hi Kayla! I just started reading your blog, though I feel like we have some Des Moines/journalism connection. Anyway, thanks for the reminder of the great opportunity having a blog is to share your story and be an encouragement. I also love the Ann Voskamp measuring stick mention. Did you by any chance hear her speak at the IF:Gathering? So good!

  2. Totally behind your idea: “wondering if we could be a tribe of women who used our online voices for good….who could see the that they really do have it in them to use their voices to change the world”…

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