a shot of confidence for the young moms in the house

toddler biting or kissing a dog

Hey, I get it. While your friends were sneaking out of bed and snapping Facebook photos of the blood moon, you were rocking a wailing baby to sleep.

And while those friends were sleeping in at 6:30 in the morning, you were shuffling down the hallway with a wide-awake one year old, stumbling to simultaneously make coffee and oatmeal.

I get that waking up your three-year-old for preschool is just the pits, especially when all you want to do is crawl right back in the bed with him, pulling up the covers and pulling down the shades.

It’s like I write this from experience or something.

But, guess what? Every day is a chance to choose joy. Every day is a do-over, an opportunity to declare that your sleepless circumstances don’t define your attitude. Every day is a clean slate, a fresh start, an empty canvas.

Mornings won’t always be so crazy. Someday our nests won’t be so full. Someday (fingers-crossed) we’ll wake up to clean floors and potty-trained children and we might even have  a chance to drink coffee while it’s still warm.

For now, though, it’s laundry piles and sleepy eyes and prayers for patience. It’s getting poked in the eye from an overzealous toddler who’s just learning to point, and being just easygoing (or delirious) enough to laugh at your eyeball’s searing pain.

It’s embracing the dry shampoo and chalking it up to a win. It’s saying, You know what, Tuesday…I GOT THIS.

Because you do. And so do I. My kid might be trying to bite my dog right now, but we got this.

And there’s my Tuesday fist-bump to all you mamas out there.

7 thoughts on “a shot of confidence for the young moms in the house

  1. I actually just put on a hat, on the days I need to wash my hair. BUT living in Florida…kind of back fires a lot, cause I end up stinkin’ like I NEED a shower. Other wise I better not see ANYONE that day. (If you catch my drift) Kiss those adorable boys for me!

  2. Just so you know, some of us old moms were to tired to get up to see the blood moon, too. Too many late nights and early mornings… And thanks for reminding me I need to throw a load of laundry in.

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