moms, you will relate to this

to my friends without kids video

This video is one mama’s “apology” to her friends without kids, her funny confession as to why she has been so distant. It’s pretty on-point, and definitely relatable. Like, all of it. The texting, the one-hour nap, the cheese on the floor, the door closing, the half-conversations because of the impending meltdown. But I’d add that it doesn’t have to be limited to friends without kids — at this stage in my life, I feel this way for pretty much any adult interaction. (And there are plenty of friends I know who don’t have kids and are super busy, too. We all have chaos, am I right?)

Little kids just add a…different brand of chaos to their mama’s lives. I wrote this while escorting my three-year-old to the potty with a one-year-old playing whack-a-mole with my keyboard.

Grafting in time with grown-ups can be a challenge when your schedule is full of diaper duty and backyard baseball, but it’s so important.

Any tricks of the trade to finding ways to connect with friends — with or without kids?

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