DIY: turn an old picture frame into a chalkboard

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This weekend, I took advantage of garage sales and sunny skies and ended up with a little project. My DIY-dujour? Rehabbing a thrifted frame with a little paint, turning it into chalkboard. I had spray paint on-hand, giving me the makings of a super easy crafternoon.

The $4 frame was pretty big, and definitely ornate. And though it was a bit dated, something about it caught my eye. I just couldn’t wait to take the thing home and throw some paint on it.

The frame’s previous owners had a bit of a creative flair, and had already done the dirty work of painting a chipboard with chalkboard paint. (Win! Not that it would have added that much time to the project. But I’m all for saving time, because motherhood.) All that was left was a fresh coat of paint.

I already had Krylon’s Catalina Mist spray paint (Pretty, right?) in the garage from some Michael’s frames I made into kitchen wall art last year. I sprayed with a heavy hand, which meant I didn’t have to prime.

Seriously, a tw0-step project: Spray the frame, and coat a board with chalkboard paint. (You could even go with the frame’s original backing, if it’s sturdy enough!) Gotta love a lazy girl’s DIY. Now you have an excuse to hit some estate sales!


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