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go to ghana! (here's how)

A few years ago, our friends started an organization called The Move Project. It exists to give clean water, shelter, and freedom to those without. They just installed a well in Tsipasi, Ghana (West Africa). The goal, beyond providing clean water, is to have … Continue reading

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adding a baby to the mix

When will you have kids? That’s the question you start getting asked as soon as you say I do, if not earlier. And when you bring a little one home, the question changes ever-so-slightly: When will you add another? And after … Continue reading

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rain on the windshield

Yesterday, I hauled our biggest, over-packed suitcase into the already brimming SUV. I strapped one little guy in his booster seat and the other in his car seat, and somehow managed to squish the dog in the middle. With juice in … Continue reading

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35 things to do this summer

Summer is the best season. There, I said it. Fall has its merits, but summer is where it’s at. I get all nostalgic when I think about family lake trips and dripping ice cream cones and late-night drive-in movies. I … Continue reading

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being a parent of a child with sickle cell

I can’t write this post telling you what it’s like to live with sickle cell. I can, however, tell you what it’s like to watch your three-year-old son fight it, every single day. For those of you who are new … Continue reading

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if you knew me, would you still like me?

Blogging is weird. A keyboard at your fingertips, an outlet to share a glimpse of your life to anyone who clicks a link. I’m at a crossroads on my blog. I’ve committed to posting consistently, and lately I’ve been wondering … Continue reading

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adoption fundraiser necklace giveaway winner

This pretty seed bead necklace has a new home! It’s making it’s way a few states over to Amanda B. Thank you for all who entered to win the giveaway and to everyone who contributed to the Shop My Closet … Continue reading

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