35 things to do this summer

35 things to do with your kids this summer what to do this summer

Summer is the best season. There, I said it. Fall has its merits, but summer is where it’s at. I get all nostalgic when I think about family lake trips and dripping ice cream cones and late-night drive-in movies.

I want our boys to have special summer memories. Today, we’re packing up for a week-long trip to Grandma and Pop-Pop’s house, and it has me thinking: What should be on our summer bucket list?

I want to turn off the iPad and leave my phone inside. I want to slather on sunscreen and get dirt under our fingernails. I want my boys to climb and explore and, most importantly, make those memories. As Phineas and Ferb remind us, there are only 104 of summer vacation.

baby in a towel fun things to do this summer what to do with your kids in the summer

So, this is what I want to fill our three precious months with. What did I forget?

  1. Having sandbox adventures
  2. Making multiple trips to the park (we have this on lockdown)
  3. Attending special drive-in movie night in their PJ’s
  4. Swimming in the lake
  5. Boating with the family
  6. Feeding friends’ horses
  7. Watching fireworks
  8. Throwing those 4th of July poppers
  9. Playing with glowsticks past bedtime
  10. Roasting marshmallows (Caution!)
  11. Riding bikes, having scooter adventures, and testing out the skateboard and skates crazy mommy decided to buy (Extra caution!)
  12. Playing backyard baseball
  13. Picking strawberries
  14. Going to a baseball game
  15. Participating in the library’s summer reading program
  16. Weeding/watering the garden (And watching it grow and enjoying the spoils!)
  17. Visiting the ice cream (or fro-yo?) shop
  18. Leaping through the sprinkler
  19. Swimming at the pool
  20. Exploring at the science museum
  21. Creating sidewalk masterpieces with chalk
  22. Baking brownies and cupcakes and banana bread on rainy days
  23. Splashing in puddles on those rainy days (Old shoes!)
  24. Visiting a petting zoo
  25. Bouncing on a trampoline
  26. Attending a small-town parade
  27. Riding a carousel
  28. Getting our faces painted
  29. Capturing lady bugs and lightning bugs and worms and all the creepy crawlies
  30. Camping in the living room
  31. Visiting the Iowa State Fair (Our state fair is the best state fair! Go ahead, sing along.)
  32. Seeing giraffes at the zoo
  33. Attempting an afternoon of fishing (I don’t see this going well, but I do see Joseph enjoying using a fishing pole)
  34. Blowing giant bubbles
  35. Picking bouquets of dandelions (The upside of no pesticides!)

27 thoughts on “35 things to do this summer

  1. pinned this in the hopes we’ll get to utilize it this summer… or early fall 🙂 love the list!

  2. Drive in movie night sounds like SO much fun! I wish it wasn’t so hot here in the summertime, because that would be a super fun summer activity!
    These are great ideas. We’re participating in our library reading program (we do every year) and we’re loving it! I love that libraries do this to keep kids reading during the summer!

  3. That’s a great list that we could easily use as a bucket list for this year. We did just roast marshmallows yesterday. They were delicious!

  4. I love your bucket list! I’m looking forward to the 4th of July parade in my small town. It comes right past my house and is always so much fun.

  5. There were drive-ins when we lived in Florida. We don’t have them here. 😦 I think it’d be fun to take the kids in their pjs!

  6. Your list is great and brings back a lot of my own happy childhood memories as well as my kids. You certainly will keep busy this summer and create wonderful memories.

  7. This is such a great list, we are working on making this Summer the best one yet. The kids and I have moved a lot in the past few years, it’s nice that we bought this house a year ago (June 28) and can fully enjoy Summer for the first time in ages. I will keep this list handy for some ideas

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