adding a baby to the mix

baby girl six weeks outdoor photo adding a new baby when do you have more kids adding a third

When will you have kids?

That’s the question you start getting asked as soon as you say I do, if not earlier.

And when you bring a little one home, the question changes ever-so-slightly: When will you add another?

And after that happens, the question morphs a little more: How many do you think you’ll have?

I’ve been wondering what the answer is myself lately. Jonny comes from a family of six children, and I just have one brother, so I’ve always thought four children would be a sweet spot for us. And since I’m a fan of symmetry, I’ve thought we’d have two via my belly and two via adoption. Sometimes I see us in a 15-passenger van, and there are moments I think two little boys are plenty.

I know it’s kind of pointless to ponder, because you simply can’t plan births or adoptions.

I don’t know if any future kiddos will come to us as newborns or as older children. I don’t know if they’ll come via international, domestic, or foster care adoption. I don’t know if I’ll get pregnant with twins or if God will lead us to adopt a sibling group. Yes, we have some say, but so much of forming a family is beyond our control.

baby girl chevron blanket newborn photo outside vsco

With two little guys, many ask us if we want to give them a sister. I think I’d love being an all-boy mom, but after cuddling my cousin’s fresh and cuddly little baby girl Olivia, I think I could probably get used to a little lady. (I got to meet her week — and of course, I had to get out my camera. She’s so sweet and her first-time mama is doing a great job! BABIES!)

baby photography vsco baby crying baby girl and mommy

But back to me.

When is the right time to add a little one to the fam? When will Asher be okay not being the baby? Is the youngest ever okay to let go of being the baby of the house?

baby feet chevron diaper ruffle baby photo

With two kids, parents can do one-on-one combat. But add another, and you’re outnumbered. Could I still work from home with more than two? Would we still get to go on dates? Would we have to get a…minivan?! (So much moaning and gnashing of teeth!)

If you’ve made the decision to have more than two kiddos, what are your words of wisdom?

Inquiring minds want to know.

6 thoughts on “adding a baby to the mix

  1. I only have one boy who just turned 1 but I’m in the same frame of mind. I love my time with Xander and often wonder if having a second baby will damage that relationship and will I really be able to care and love two babies when one has me exhausted?

    I think people just assume you’ll have a bunch of kids but then when you do they think you’re crazy for having so many! Can’t win.

  2. We’re feeling pretty set on two right now, but we know that God has the plans and it might change. Like our best friends, who have one biological child, one adopted child, and whoops, found out she was pregnant a couple months ago. Then last week got a call from their attorney asking them to adopt their second daughter’s biological sister, due in two weeks. CRAZY! To be honest, we’re kind of praying against that quick growth! Ha! We’ll just help them out however we can!

    1. Whoa! That situation is crazy. 🙂 What’s even crazier is that I wouldn’t hate it if that happened to us. Or so I think now…haha!

  3. As a mom of more than most we preferred to have one at a time with some time to enjoy each one for awhile. Each one was added with much prayer and seeking – even the 2 surprises. Once we had to try for 10 months, and then when she was 5 months I found out we were expecting again. Each one is a huge blessing. You know what you can handle – but the Lord knows even better. Go forward with what you feel He wants you to do, and He will lead and sometimes surprise you. Blessings on your journey! Cute baby and great pics, btw. 🙂

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