go to ghana! (here's how)

the move project kickstarter

A few years ago, our friends started an organization called The Move Project.

It exists to give clean water, shelter, and freedom to those without. They just installed a well in Tsipasi, Ghana (West Africa). The goal, beyond providing clean water, is to have an entry point for sustainable, holistic poverty alleviation for the community. The clean water well is their first step to joining hands with a community and helping them break the cycle of poverty.

The Move Project believes in the power of story. And so do I.

By telling a beautiful story, we can inspire people to make a difference.

Here’s where you come in.

The Move Project is raising $50,000 in 30 days to film a documentary that will focus on the joy and freedom that comes along with clean water. It’ll feature their work in Tsipasi and the Greater Accra region, and help them tell the story of just how much clean water means in breaking the cycle of poverty.

They need our help! The money will send a team to Ghana, buy a few pieces of equipment, and produce the film. They’re partnering with One:One Creatives (who took our family photos when Joseph first came home and they’re…talented.) to film and produce the documentary. You can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.

Why Kickstarter? By doing this fundraiser to fund the film, 100% of funds received toward clean water projects continue to go directly to the project. This model has allowed The Move Project to fund two wells with almost no overhead cost.

The team also believes they’ll be able to leverage the film to raise larger sums of funds for clean water, and the investment into the film will mean more villages (and regions!) get access to clean water and sanitation education.


If you pledge today, you don’t get charged until July 22nd, and that’s only if they’re fully funded. You can also change your pledge at any point during the campaign.

So, what does a documentary really have to do with coming alongside this community in Ghana?

Here’s what they have to say:We don’t want to just take your money and help you feel good about yourself for a moment. We also don’t want to contribute to the Western savior complex where rich people from America swoop in with cash and think material goods or possessions end poverty. We want to, together, tell a story of hope, inspiration, and how we can join hands with our neighbors across the globe to create new realities.

We’d be honored if you’d help us tell this story.

Clean water means kids are in school, which means kids are less likely to be vulnerable to trafficking (in Ghana, that primarily means being sold on to a fishing boat on the Volta River). Holistic, sustainable poverty alleviation, specifically in Ghana, starts with access to clean water.

We have launched the project on KickStarter, and it’s an audacious goal. $50,000 is our number.”

the move project fundraiser

So, to recap: The Move Project is raising money to film a documentary so they can leverage the film in the future to raise larger amounts of money for clean water projects. The film will give access to groups, organizations, and larger scale fundraising that will ultimately result in more people having access to clean water. They started with one village and their plans are to sink our roots deep in Tsiapsi, where the documentary will be filmed.

They have 30 days (deadline is July 22nd) to raise the $50,000 or they don’t get a penny.

Can we join them in this story?

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