elegantees review {and giveaway!}

If you already put on home parties for another product such as jewelry, why not bring elegantees into it? Our pieces are eye-catching in booths and events, and everyone loves shopping for a cause. They also are fun to share out of your home or church.  Click here to learn about the process.

Everybody loves new clothes, right? To celebrate the upcoming weekend, I’m thrilled to feature one of my favorite ethical fashion companies, Elegantees. Keep reading to see how you can win a $20 giftcard! I own two Elegantees pieces and not only do I love their heart for women, but I can attest to the quality and fit of the shirts. First of all, they’re so soft, and they really are very flattering. (And they’re featuring code just for Many Sparrows readers! Use SPARROW at the checkout for an extra 10% off — and most shirts are already affordable at under $25!) I’ve pulled some of my favorite pieces — just click the photos to learn more.

Cara is dynamic. She is an everyday basic in the front. However, the liveliness of Cara is expressed through the intricate detail of the slashed back.

Cara is dynamic. She is an everyday basic in the front. However, the liveliness of Cara is expressed through the intricate detail of the slashed back.

“There are two extremes we see today in the way women dress. The most common is to avoid fashion altogether and wearing that same tee and jeans. The other extreme is where there is so much emphasis on fashion it becomes an identity,” Katie says. “Elegantees is for the woman who seeks to find a balance without compromising her beliefs, budget, or time.”

And guess what is extra cool? Katie grew up in Iowa. The coolest girls grow up in Iowa, am I right?

Whitney's chic style is for dressing up and down, destined for adorning with jewelry. This relaxed tee with unique seaming is perfect for necklaces and bracelets.Whitney's chic style is for dressing up and down, destined for adorning with jewelry. This relaxed tee with unique seaming is perfect for necklaces and bracelets.

Fighting to rescue, protect, and restore those in slavery has become the Elegantees mission. Each (super cute!) piece is handmade by a women that share similar story of exploitation through the sex trafficking industry in NYC. In providing sewing jobs, Elegantees works to positive a source of sustainable income that reinforces a healthy self-image. Their heart is to encourage and help protect rescued women as they navigate their new life.

In the beginning when the earth was formed, something was weaved together to make a beautiful creation. This dolman sleeve tunic is symbolic of that beginning in Genesis.

Clarissa is a basic cotton jersey tank dressed up with chiffon. The flutter sleeves and asymmetrical front bow tie mirror the soft femininity that she is.

Are you smitten yet? (And FYI, that aqua shirt on the left comes in plus sizes.) All of the Elegantees models are real women who volunteer who believe in the heart and mission of the company. I love that! And…here’s a sneak peek of what’s launching in the fall! (How gorgeous is that model?)

relaxed with an edge elegantees 2014 fall collection modest fair trade fashion company based in new york city

So, go check out the whole Elegantees collection here and feel encouraged in your purchase, knowing that it is making a difference. Every purchase goes into employing more women to give a hope and a future.

(And remember to use the special code SPARROW for an extra 10% off!)

Enter the giveaway below, generously provided by Elegantees, and I’ll draw a winner Tuesday morning!

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63 thoughts on “elegantees review {and giveaway!}

  1. I really like the simple clean pieces. Very flattering. I might have to see if they have plus size for me!

  2. I love their clothes! The shirts that I have are so comfortable, classy and go with so many different pieces! The purpose behind them is worth purchasing from them!

  3. I love Elegantees! I’ve been a supporter for about a year now! I did some modeling in the fall, and I’m heading back with my sister next weekend to model again! And I have to confess that I own around 20 shirts. But they always come out with new styles I love so I wouldn’t mind a gift card :)!

  4. I didn’t see the questions until after I posted!! I honestly have way too many favorites, but my new favorites are Whitney and Bethany! And I wear my shirts everywhere for all occasions!

  5. Just received my first shirt and will be wearing it all the time! Can’t wait to get more because they are all my favorite!

  6. Wow – what a fascinating company! Such an inspirational message here. I will say that I’m the first extreme mentioned. I always wear jeans and t-shirts. I usually feel so uncomfortable in anything dressier BUT I do keep a few pieces in my closet for date nights or times when I need to dress up. My favorite thing to do though, is dress up regular clothes with accessories, bags and shoes.

    1. I love dressing up with accessories, too! One of the things I love about these shirts is that they’re all made out of comfy t-shirt material and are fairly versatile. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Honey you had me at ‘plus sizes’ I entered, and I think it’s fab that they are helping victims of Sex Trafficking in NYC!

  8. I’m the tee and jeans on repeat girl! I could really use a new tee. And one that’s super cute…bonus! 😉

  9. These clothes are lovely, I like that they’re soft and comfortable yet very stylish. Its wonderful that they’re involved with such a good cause as well. I’d feel good about spending money with them.

  10. I love the Cara shirt! I’m totally a t-shirt kind of gal, but these would definitely make my normal outfit more classy. I’m really impressed with this company. A lot of these types of companies work with women overseas – which is great, but that means their income is dependent on the US market, which might not be sustainable in the long run (vs. having an income based on their home country’s market). But this is made in the US, which means you are buying “local” and supporting women. Really great!

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